Each year, the Lee County Jail by way of the Florida Department of Corrections distributes approximately 100 copies of the Quran or Quran interpretations in English, Spanish, and the original Arabic as inmates request them. They also make other Islamic literature available – when they have them in stock.

The Bonita Springs Islamic Center has been working with the Chaplain at the Lee County Sheriff’s Office since 2019 to donate the Qurans and other Islamic books to the jails so they can distribute them to inmates who request them. We deliver the year’s load of books in late Spring of each calendar year.

How Your Donation Is Used

When you contribute to this da’wah effort, your donation is used to meet the following objectives:

The quantities represented above are based on what Lee County tells us is being requested by the inmates, and our goal is to provide them with one full year of books to fulfill those requests each year.

Any donations which exceed the amount needed to fill the above quantities will be used to provide even more Qurans and a wider selection of Islamic books for inmates to choose from.

Please donate today for this worthy project. Any amount of donation is helpful – even just $1. May Allah reward you for your efforts. Jazakum Allah Khairan.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this project, please contact us at info@bsic.us

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